Prepare a presentation .

paper revisits the topic of your presentation. Unlike the presentation that aimed to remain neutral on a bioethics issue, in this paper you will take a side. You’ll want to present reasons for a position – namely, provide an argument. In short, write a paper that (1) identifies your main thesis or conclusion (2) outlines key reasons that support your position, (3) state reasonable considerations that would seem to disfavor your position as well as (4) your reasons to discount what is stated in (3).
The paper should be sufficiently narrow compared to the presentation. Importantly, depending on your topic, the paper should focus on bioethics within the profession as opposed to bioethics for society at large or the layperson.

(( focus on the two solution provided at the end of the attached document and narrow each one you make an argument about which one of the solution has a positive effects and provide a reasonable reasons for each one based on ((ethical principle)).
1. This is a 4 page paper with standard formatting (1” margins, 12 pt font). Title page (include name, class # and section #, topic of paper) and bibliography do not count toward the 4 pages.
2. A minimum of four reliable sources with bibliography following the Chicago Manual of Style. Two of the sources must be reliable journal articles. [note, most web-based sources are actually PRINT sources, as the material has been printed and so must be cited as a print source!]. Dictionaries, your textbook, Wikipedia, web encyclopedias, blogs, social media and the like, will not be counted toward the minimum.

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