Product: OM/ONE World’s first levitating Bluetooth Speaker Final Project Presentation:

Product: OM/ONE World’s first levitating Bluetooth Speaker Final Project Presentation: Using the brand/competitor analysis from Mid-Term Presentation, students will present a complete IMC Plan, which identifies and addresses a strategic opportunity, along with a creative campaign concept using at least three IMC elements, (advertising, promotion, public relations, direct marketing, etc.), including one advertising execution, for exploiting this new opportunity. Plan documents should be about 15-30 pages long. Format and organization for the plan will focus of a lecture. Students should be prepared to present a summary of the plan to the class, as a speech. Your Plan will include the following: -An executive summary -A review of the business situation, including key developments that will affect the future of the brand. -A review of the communication situation, including recent activities by the brand and its competitors, and trends that are directly relevant to the strategic situation. -A central, unifying strategic idea, including target, message, competitive target and rationale. -A Target Audience analysis and recommendation, with rationale -A Position Strategy analysis and recommendation, with rationale -Key Marketing Communication Objective -A program of specific tactics and ideas for creative executions — which demonstrates message integration across the communications disciplines, and appropriate use of each. -A lecture and handouts will add detail to this summary.

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