Relate the concepts we’ve gone through in class with your specialization in the Bloch School.

Zeek the Geek

Economics 302 Final Paper – 90pts

Due: 12/16/2015 (via email, office drop off, or by putting it into my mailbox in the economics department office – Haag 211) 


Times New Roman 12 pt Font

.5 Margins

Double Spaced

Assignment (pick one):

– Relate the concepts we’ve gone through in class with your specialization in the Bloch School. (If you’re not in the business school and want to relate your field to the concepts we’ve gone over, stop by my office to discuss or email me.) 

– Lately, there is some discussion of a “Fight for $15”. Describe the policy debate, and critically analyze the proposal of a $15 dollar an hour minimum wage from an economist’s point of view.

– Bernie Sanders would like to make college free for all individuals who attend public colleges and universities. Discuss his proposal and discuss the effects of the proposal. Who wins and who loses etc?
– Criticize the concepts we’ve learned in class. Do you think any of what we learned makes sense? Is it relevant for real life? Is it total hogwash? Describe and discuss. 


Minimum of 1300 words

At least two credible sources (e.g. The Brookings Institute, US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, scholarly articles etc)

Complete Bibliography in APA format

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