Review key findings from split-brain research in the past 50 years.

Review key findings from split-brain research in the past 50 years. Choose one of the significant findings and write a paper about it. In your paper, areas that should be included are a description of the finding, its location in the brain (e.g., right or left side, and a particular location if stated), and a description of the method or tests used by researchers to identify the ability. Include your thoughts on what this appears to tell us about the workings of the brain. Finally, think about what we don’t know with respect to this finding and write a paragraph about some questions that still remain. (You are welcome to include how this might be researched further, but this is not required). This paper should be written following APA formatting. It should be 4 – 5 pages in length Grading will focus on quality more than quantity. You should use the textbook as well as 2-4 other resources. You can use quotes, but generally no more than 10% of the paper should bec composed of quotes. Be sure to quote and cite the resources accurately.

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