Rules for how employees/students should (or should not) represent your organization online that differentiates between social media use for work and social media use in one’s personal time.

Scenario #4:
Kris is the intern in charge of your company (or school’s) social media account. Their job is to “be the brand” on social media and monitor the official facebook page. When faced with a negative public comment on the facebook page, Kris is supposed to reply with a link to the official complaint form so the negative comment can be escalated to the proper department who can best deal with the complaint and take action. Kris has recently broken up with their longterm partner and has been noticeably distracted at work. You receive a phone call from an irate customer that instead of a link to the comment and complaint form, Kris has posted a link to a pornographic website.
Your company typically hires interns into full time positions, and your boss has requested a policy brief to determine if this intern can be offered a full time position. Your boss has also asked for guidance on if the intern can receive a letter of reference from the company.

Scenario #5:
Your company (or school) encourages all employees to be active on social media
One of your long-time employees resists creating any accounts until a new policy is passed down from head office that says social media activity will be viewed positively in yearly progress reports, especially if your company/school account is interacting with the public to increase brand arrangement. This employee creates accounts on various social media platforms. They post at most once a week.
Suddenly, this employee’s twitter account begins posting content quite often. These tweets contain links to spam sites such as weight loss drugs or buying essays. When confronted about this sudden flood of spam, your employee admits they appear to have been hacked. Their password has been changed and they can’t regain control over their company account. When asked how this happened, this employee admits they did not add two factor authentication despite it being corporate policy to do so.
Your boss has asked for a policy brief about what to do in regards to this employee’s hacked account, and whether active social media participation should continue to be a factor in yearly progress reports or not.

Requirement is tow part

1-based on those given two scenarios create a social media participation policy for an organization of your choice (e.g. your employer, College student , your child’s school, etc.). This policy should include (but is not limited to):
1-A description of your intended audience for this policy
2-A code of conduct for employees/students
3-Rules for how employees/students should (or should not) represent your organization online that differentiates between social media use for work and social media use in one’s personal time
4-A policy Guidelines for at least 5 specific social media sites presented in class this semester (Pinterest,Tumblr, Facebook, Tinder and Snapchat)

5-your social media policy will conclude with a 600 word summary description of where and how the readings and theories we have discussed this semester are reflected in your social media policy.
Please use try to use the sources provided for summary description

It is up to you if this policy will be “pro” or “anti” social media use, but your reasons should be firmly grounded in the literature we have been discussing throughout the semester.

2- An employee at your organization has done something horrible on social media.
Based on your social media policy, respond to 2 of the scenarios above policy brief memo Treat it like you are writing an email or internal memo to your boss at the company you have created for your policy brief..
The intended audience for your brief will be a higher-ranking employee who has the power to fire other employees. If your organization is a school, the intended audience is the principal or Dean.
Sources :

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