Select Orem’s theory and discuss how it influenced the development of nursing research.

Historical Perspetcive Essay

Select Orem’s theory and discuss  how it influenced the development of nursing research.

Write a 350-word essay explaining the selected researcher or event and the contribution to research and nursing development. How does the researcher or event shape the multiple paradigm of nursing?


TWO of the terms required to be used in your written assignment for Week One is the use of the terms paradigm and multiple paradigm of nursing.  These terms MUST BE USED to receive full credit.


Here is a definition:


A paradigm is defined as assumptions, beliefs, habits, and practices that are accepted by a society of researchers.  Paradigms are approved “by communities of scholars with shared beliefs about the nature of reality and knowledge construction”.  The four main paradigms used in nursing are: “positivist, post-positivist, interpretive and critical societal theory”.  The positivist paradigm is based on logic and infinite laws that are rigid in nature.  Post-positivist paradigms have a belief that “reality can never be completely known and that attempts to measure it are limited to human comprehension”.  The interpretive paradigm puts an importance on comprehending the significance humans attribute to their conduct and behavior.  The paradigm of critical social theory is focused on “the study of  social institutions, issues of power and alienation, and envisioning new opportunities”.


Cite at least two peer reviewed references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

All pages should have a running head and page number – this includes title and bib pages.  Please remember to check spelling and grammar. Include a conclusion.

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