Study of a culture group and one particular cultural aspect of that group.

Students are required to prepare a brief ethnographic study of a culture group and one particular cultural aspect of that group. Students are expected to discuss ethnographic details of the culture group, including:

Geographic distribution
Economic/mode of livelihood of the culture group
Religious and/or belief systems represented
Language (s) spoken
After presenting a general cultural overview, you should chose one aspect of the culture group to discuss and analyze in more detail. Topics will vary, and you should use your textbook and lecture/discussions as your guide.
In addition to the written ethnography, a presentation will be given in class.

A brief paragraph description of the proposed topic should be submitted on Moodle

Students are expected to consult at least 5 primary or secondary academic sources when preparing their presentation (your text books do not count as legitimate sources for this assignment). Please note, electronic resources are fine to use. However, they should represent electronic versions of academic journals and/or periodicals. The bibliography should be included. Citation style should follow APA format please.

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