Using the library, research an article that describes the importance of usability when designing a website.

1:  Web developers are able to set the font, colors and style attributes of the HTML elements with or without CSS.  Inline CSS is similar to the original way of adding style to a web page.  CSS has formalized the layout and style into a single location, either the top of a page or in an external file.  With enhanced CSS and use of common CSS files developers can create a theme that is easier to implement and maintain.


2:Based on this week’s assigned readings and your own research, discuss how CSS might be used for developing a unique website style. Find a website that includes CSS to enhance their website appearance and functionality. Explain why you think this.


3:Using the library, research an article that describes the importance of usability when designing a website. Provide a summary of the article and explain the qualities and importance of effective design.


IT 240

4: Network firewalls are used to protect your network as a whole instead of just your computer. They work based on a set of rules you make unless you keep the default set, and any incoming packets have to adhere to these rules otherwise they are not allowed past the firewall. They fall into two basic categories which are basically a fast, simple version and a slower, more complex version. IPFilter, NPF, and PF are a few common versions of network firewalls.


5:What roles do firewalls and proxy servers play in network security? What is the importance of maintaining security on a LAN? Provide examples to support your answer.


6: DESCRIBE ONE THREAT:    :One threat I found interesting from the website you provided is TSPY_ROVNIX.YPOB. It is also known as Spyware.PasswordStealer. This virus gets into your system by other malware that you accidentally download from the internet. It targets vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer (another reason not to use IE) and Adobe Flash Player. This threat is rather advanced as it deletes the initial downloaded copy of itself as it buries itself in your computer system. This threat has hit over 3,000 Japanese computer systems according to the website.

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