What advice can you provide for someone who has difficulties solving similar problems?

Mat 1.2

M1 Assignment 2: Simplifying Expressions and Solving Equations

By Saturday, January 9, 2016, complete the following assignment and post your response in this Discussion Area. Review and critique the work of at least two other students by the end of the module, and respond to comments.

Simplifying expressions and solving equations are at the heart of algebra. In order to effectively solve an equation, you need to be able to see how the expressions involved can be simplified. Equations can be thought of as mathematical models that represent some kind of process or relationship depending upon the area of application. To get to the answers you seek, you must solve the equation. In this assignment, we will practice, as a class, the processes you must go through to simplify expressions and solve equations.

In this Discussion Area, complete the following:

  • Your instructor will assign you 1 problem from each of the following exercise sets in the textbook. Look to the Discussion Area below for your assigned exercises.
  1. R.4 Exercise Set
  2. R.5 Exercise Set
  3. R.6 Exercise Set
  4. R.7 Exercise Set
  5. 1.4 Exercise Set
  6. 1.5 Exercise Set
  7. 1.6 Exercise Set
  • Work out each of the problems and post them to the Discussion Areabelow. You have a number of options for doing this:
  1. You can work out the problems in the discussion box.
  2. You can work the problems out in a Word document and attach them to the discussion box.
  3. You can work the problems out on a piece of paper, scan it into an image file, and then attach it to the discussion box.
  • Provide a detailed explanation to the class concerning how you solved each problem. Consider the following questions as you prepare your response:
  1. What steps did you follow to find the solution?
  2. Did you encounter any difficulties solving the problem?
  3. If you encountered problems, what resources did you access or use to help you solve this problem?
  4. What did you need to know or understand to solve the problem?
  5. What advice can you provide for someone who has difficulties solving similar problems?

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

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