What are 3 standard conventions you should follow?

disscussion reply to the question asked from students minimum words count 50 each

1:  Style precedence determines which styles have priority when multiple styles conflict. There are five possible sources for styles. What’s t??heir order of precedence (from highest precedence to lowest)?


2:Many Web pages contain buttons or other graphic elements for navigation. Communicating their functionality to users is very important, and it is more difficult to do when you can only put a small amount of text on a button.


When selecting or creating buttons and icons for your Web sites, what are 3 standard conventions you should follow?


3:One of the most frustrating and time-consuming parts of writing any kind of computer code is the troubleshooting phase. Finding and fixing problems in code, known as debugging the code, occupies the vast majority of many software developers’ time. If you load or refresh a Web page in a Web browser and then see a problem, what do you do next?


4:Aside from fixing the broken links – which I agree reflects poorly on the owner of the site – what specific recommendations can you make to address the issues you mentioned?

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