What are alternatives to this type of community institution?



Click on the link to read the chapters and answer the following questions:


Riordan, Plunkitt of Tammany Hall



1-Why is Riordan writing this book? To whom is he trying to justify machine politics?


2-What are the perceived threats posed by urban bosses?


3-How does Plunkitt answer those threats?


4-How does the author distinguish between honest and dishonest graft?


5-Do the machines adequately address the needs of the urban residents?


6-What works and what doesn’t work in a political machine?


7-What are alternatives to this type of community institution?


8-How does Tammany Hall actually operate?


9-What are the problems with machine politics?


10- What would be better solutions to urban problems?




12-Do you think Plunkitt is an honorable politician? Why or why not? Offer specific  examples from the book.


13- Did you like the reading? Why or why not? Offer specific  examples from the book.


14- Would you recommend that I assign this book in the future? Why or why not?


15- Do you think that Plunkitt could win in todays political system? Why or why not?





1.    You do not need to rewrite the questions


2.    Single Space your answers.


3.    Each answer must be at least half a page.


4.    Paginate the assignment.


5.    For most questions, you must use the assigned reading. There are a few questions where you will have to use an outside source. Please cite them in the assignment..


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