What are characteristics shared by the audience that the HR employee should consider when writing the message?



University of Phoenix Material




New Hire Communication Worksheet




Select a company you are familiar with. Imagine that you work for the HR department of the company. You are tasked to develop a message to orient new hires to the company culture, process, procedures, and general information.




Compose a message for new hires using the three-step process outlined in Ch. 5 of Business Communication.




Step 1: Prewriting




Review the AIM planning process in Ch. 5 of Business Communication including the “Chapter Takeaway for Creating Effective Messages.




Analyze the situation described above by answering each of the following questions with 1 to 2 paragraphs:




  1. Review the assignment directions above. What is the purpose of the message the HR employee is tasked to write? The purpose of this message to ensure that all employees are aware of the policy and procedure. To enlighten the new employees on the company history and to ensure that they are aware of the background. This also allow the employee to be aware of the thing that we tolerate, what is unacceptable. The human resource department task is to make sure that the employees understand the benefits and payroll, this will prompt any






  1. Who is the audience? What are characteristics shared by the audience that the HR employee should consider when writing the message? What do they already know?






  1. Which communication channel(s) would you choose to deliver the message and why?






  1. What writing strategies can you use in your writing of the message?











Step 2: Drafting




Research your company’s background to know about the culture, processes, and procedures within the organization you selected.


Write a rough draft of the message below using the analysis you did in Step 1. Make sure your message is appropriate for the purpose and audience (e.g., new hires). Use an outline to help organize your thoughts.


Refer to Ch. 5 of Business Communication for strategies of researching background information and effective writing.



Step 3a: Revising




Copy and paste the message you drafted in Step 2 below. Proofread and edit the message using the “Track Changes” feature under the “Review” tab to show you are actively engaged in proofreading and revision.


Review Ch. 5 of Business Communication  to learn more about revising messages before you start. Use the following questions as guidance when you proofread the message.


  1. Does the message establish the credibility? Is there some supporting research you may use to deepen the credibility?
  2. Is the message clear? Can your audience read the message without many questions?
  3. Is the message concise? Have you eliminated unnecessary verbiage in the message?
  4. Is the message easy to read? Have you used headings or bulleted lists to increase the clarity of your message?


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