What are some important concepts/strategies you learned from the article?




Step 1: Source selection:




· Choose a credible article from an Online Library (ATTACHED) related to conflict in organizations that inspires or fascinates you. You may use an article from the Required Readings, Suggested Readings, or you can research a new article. To make this assignment relevant, approach it from your current role or a position you are looking to fill in the future. Explain what you learned from this article and how you can apply the concepts.




Source must be referenced in APA style, and paraphrased and/or quoted content from the source should be cited using APA style citations.




Step 2: Analysis and organization:




· Paragraph 1: Gain the reader’s attention, provide a brief explanation of the purpose of learning to resolve conflict, and preview your main points.




· Paragraph(s) 2+: Explain how information/concepts from your source can help you manage or overcome conflict situations in your current role or a role you would like to fill in the future. Here are some questions to consider to get you started:




  • How have you historically handled conflict situations?




  • What are some important concepts/strategies you learned from the article?




  • How can you apply what you learned from the article?




  • Are there any points you agree or disagree with? Why?




· Concluding paragraph: Summarize your main ideas and end with a strong closing statement.




· References: You are required to use at least one article from the CSU Online Library as a source. All sources, including the textbook, must be cited and referenced in APA format.




Your Scholarly Activity must be at least one page in length. Please indicate which option you selected by including it in your assignment title.

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