What are the reasons a legislative body might designate specific conduct as criminal?

5 disc

each needs to be 75-150. except 1 and 2 those can be a total of 75-150 together.

1.Question B

What are the reasons a legislative body might designate specific conduct as criminal? What are the reasons a legislative body might not designate specific conduct as criminal? Discuss the relative importance of each of these reasons.

2.Question C

Why is criminal law important in our society? What are some issues you think present problems within the criminal law system today and why?


3.Nazi Jurisdiction

Please respond to the following discussion prompt and submit it to the discussion forum as your initial post. Then, make at least two thoughtful responses to your fellow students’ posts. Your initial post should be at least 150 words and each of your responses should be approximately 75 words in length.

Watch this video and discuss how the military court had jurisdiction over the Nazi war criminals. How did the military court gain jurisdiction? What were the advantages of trying the Nazi’s by such a court?


4.Question B

Based on the reading,

  • Define Public Administration as best as you can. Explain the subject matter of Public Administration and also indicate your prior knowledge

    on Public Administration and what you wish to gain from this class

5. Case Study 2:  How Kristin Died

Read the following Case Study:


Respond to the following questions (be sure to reflect upon the elements of the bureaucracy described in Chapter 2 prior to the case study):

  • Was this the best way to go to protect Kristin. Do you suggest any other ways to go about it? What are your suggestions and why?
  • Explain and discuss if the system failed to protect Kristin and if so why?
  • There were many elements of bureaucracy that were present, which one was the biggest issue and why was it?

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