What are their characteristics and what is their role in the organization?

21st Century manager

Question #1

What is the role of the manager in an organization? The role of the manager traditionally has been the person who has set short term goals for the organization to execute and perform tasks that include the process, procedure, and production of the organization’s purpose or vision. The modern role of the manager has developed to include the role of facilitator in the way the manager accomplishes these tasks.


Compare and contrast the role of management in the 20th century organization and the role of management in the 21st century. How has the change in the purpose of businesses (i.e. manufacturing vs. service) and business environment, worker attitudes, and behaviors affected the role of the manager in an organization? Discuss in detail.


Question #2


Who is the 21st century manager? What are their characteristics and what is their role in the organization?


2 paragraphs or more for each question. Include in text citations and references in the response. APA format for citations and references.

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