what are they doing while eating and what are the environmental factors.

To Prof. Metildah ONLY


Assignment for Basic Nutrition-Final Project



This will include observations and a paper. You are to observe on three separate occasions the following age groups: a child, a young adult, and a senior citizen (but not a nursing home resident). Include the date and time of the observations, where you are observing, food choices, potential calories of each meal, environmental factors such as noise level, distractions, busy family style, pace of eating, age of person. Each observation is to be for a minimum of 30 minutes.


This can be a journal format, a word processing paper, etc. that allows you to summarize:

Who – who is being observed and why did you select that person. Do you know if the person is a vegetarian? Do they have special dietary needs?

What – what are they doing while eating and what are the environmental factors. What are they eating, how much, is disproportionate as to carbohydrates versus fruits and vegetables. What about protein? What are they consuming as a beverage?

When – time of day, day of week, etc.

Why – why is it important to know the basic nutrition habits of these 3 age groups.


The written summary is to be a minimum of 5 pages double spaced, Times New Roman 12 font not including the title page or the reference page. Submit in the Final Project drop box.

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