What are three additional questions you would want to ask her in order to have a more complete picture of her holistic health?

Please see instructions below. Thank you


For this  discussion you will have the opportunity to step into the role of a holistic health care practitioner and analyze a case-study using the concepts of holism, vitalism and the determinants of holistic health. Read the case below:



Rebecca, a 54 year-old female, suffering from chronic anxiety has come to have an initial interview with you because she is concerned for her health. She has a fear of speaking in front of large groups and breaks out into a sweat when she is nervous. She has suffered from insomnia for four years, has had heart palpitations at night for five years, and has had frequent night sweats for the last six months. She complains of fatigue and rates her energy at 5 out of 10, in a scale where 10 is the best score. A year ago she moved to a new city to take a job in a large corporate firm where she works 50 hours or more each week. She has no close friends nearby but speaks with her sister and mother regularly. She was involved with a church in her previous town, but stopped attending five years ago after her son and husband died suddenly in a car accident. Her complexion is pale and she has slightly dark circles under her eyes. She usually does not eat breakfast, drinks two 16 oz cups of coffee per day, and prefers sweet or salty foods from the corporate cafeteria for lunch. Dinner is usually a large salad, TV dinner, or fast food. She always includes dessert. She does not exercise and has a one and half hour commute to work each day in heavy traffic. In the evening and on weekends she watches TV, takes herself to the movies or enjoys other non-social, sedentary activities. She does not drink alcohol or smoke tobacco. She makes poor eye contact in the interview but does indicate she is serious about needing guidance to resolve her anxiety. She has not previously sought medical attention for these concerns and uses no prescription or over-the-counter medications.

In an initial post of 275 words, ANSWER THE FOLLOWING:


What are three additional questions you would want to ask her in order to have a more complete picture of her holistic health?

Why are these questions important and what information do you hope to attain?

Describe this patient’s vitality. Is their vital force weak or strong? How can you tell? If appropriate therapeutic measures were taken, would she recover quickly or slowly?


Substantiate your answers.

Which basic determinants of holistic health are not adequately addressed in her life? What are some simple improvements you could suggest?


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