What business or organization was the target of the attack?

T 238

I need you to read the qustion and answer from the reading in the attachments.

For each of the three attacks from this week’s outside readings, answer the following five questions:

  1. What business or organization was the target of the attack?
  2. What did the attack do to the organization? (for instance, did the attackers steal credit card numbers, deface websites, etc.?)
  3. Were there other “victims” of the attack besides this organization? (for instance, if credit card numbers are stolen, other victims include the owner of the credit card and the issuing bank)
  4. Who was the attacker? If it isn’t known for certain, write a sentence or two about what is known or speculated.
  5. How would you respond if you were a victim in one of the attacks? Describe the steps you would take.

Each question is worth 1 point, and since there are five questions, the total points possible for this assignment is 5.

Your total word count should not exceed 300.

Cite your sources


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