What changed because of the movement from isolationism to expansionism?

  1. Unit III Scholarly Activity

    THIS JUST IN: You work for a national radio broadcasting company and it is your job to create the typed broadcast for the evening news, recapping the experiences of Americans from before WWI all the way to their experiences after the war. For your story to be valid and accepted by a wide audience, it must include the home front experiences of many groups and cover the topics below. You are to choose only one of the two options below to complete for this assignment to highlight all seven key points below.

  • Examine the experiences of the local populations and varied demographics, including African Americans, women, and lower classes.
  •  What changed because of the movement from isolationism to expansionism?
  • Assess the relevance of people’s concerns about the war’s impact on the international community.
  • Assess the war’s economic impact, including the expansion of factories (big business) due to wartime production.
  • Compare and contrast pre-war and post-war experiences.
  • Include at least three key domestic figures and at least three key international figures.
  •  Include how the United States in the post-war era is positioned to become a superpower.

    Option 1

    With any good news story, you must utilize multiple sources. Your story must be a minimum of two pages. A minimum of two reputable sources must be used, cited, and referenced, one of which must come from the CSU Online Library. This means you will need to find at least one additional source on your own. Inappropriate resources or failure to use resources available in the CSU Online Library can lead to deductions (and loss of your news audience).

    Option 2

    If you have ever dreamed of broadcasting on the radio, this is your chance! If you choose this option, you will be able to record your broadcast. There are many options available to make your audio recording. A few options are listed below.

HY 1120, American History II 3


You may also video record your broadcast using your webcam and upload the file to YouTube. You may also search for other programs or ways to make your recording to upload.

The following list will guide you as you prepare your speech:

  • Read the grading rubric that follows these instructions. If you need clarification on any of the grading elements, please contact your professor.
  • Your broadcast recording must be no less than five minutes and no more than eight minutes. Speaking outside these time limits will result in a grade penalty of 10 points.
  • Plan everything out and be sure to practice your broadcast before recording it.
  • When you have recorded your broadcast, play it back. Ensure that your voice is audible, that you are clearly in the

    center of the screen, and that your facial expressions and body language are easily seen.

  • You will submit an outline of your broadcast in bulleted form, which should be at least 200 words in length. Your

    outline does not need to be in essay form; rather, it should include the highlights of your speech along with some

    expansion to each bulleted item to provide details and clarity when necessary.

  •  You are required to use a minimum of two reputable sources, which must be cited and referenced, only one of

    which can be an assigned or provided text or source.

  •  You must upload your outline file at the same time that you upload/submit your broadcast file or hyperlink. Note: You may be uploading multiple files for submission of this assignment.

    Direct any questions to your professor prior to beginning the assignment. CSU librarians are also available should you need assistance with your research for this assignment.

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