What competitive forces does the organization face?


title: Gore and Associates case

format: APA

3 Pages

the work type is analysis and evaluation. 825 words

To be completed 9 hours from now.


Analysis and evaluation

As Thompson and Strickland note “This is usually the hardest part of the report. Analysis is hard work!” (p. 370).

Thompson and Strickland propose five steps in conducting the analysis and evaluation, summarized below. However, not all steps are equal and not all steps are even necessarily relevant, depending on the nature of the organization being studied. You should utilize those steps appropriate to the organization you are studying.

• Is the organization’s strategy producing satisfactory results? Why or why not?

• Is it apparent that the organization doesn’t have a strategy? Why?

• What competitive forces does the organization face? How is it responding to these forces? If it isn’t responding, why?

• Is the organization being simply responsive or is it being proactive? Is it merely attempting to meet challenges or is it anticipating challenges and planning accordingly?

• Your interpretation of facts, statements, etc., should be reasonable and objective; don’t rely on generalizations and platitudes. Avoid presenting a one-sided argument that excludes factors not favorable to your conclusions.

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