What do all of the mothers share in their relationships with their babies?

I. FILM ANALYSIS Babies (2010)) B�b�(s) (original title)

The babies portrayed in the movie Babies (2010) evidence the presence of some universal developmental themes and stages while at the same time substantiates that each baby is uniquely different. What are the universal themes the filmmakers show present during infancy and toddlerhood lifespan eras? What are the themes that appear to be unique to specific babies?

The four newborns followed during their first year of life and featured in the film:
Ponijao (female)-lives a small village in Namibia, South Africa with parents and eight siblings
Mari (female)-lives in the metropolitan area of Tokyo, Japan with her mother and father
Beyarjargal (male)-lives on a farm Bayanchandmani, Mongolia with his parents and one sibling
Hattie (female)-lives in the heart of San Francisco, California United States with her parents

Steps for writing the paper:

1. Create a title page which includes: The title of the assignment, your name and your Instructor�s name.

2. The body of the paper will focus on answering the questions below. Copy and paste the questions into a word document, putting the answers after each set of questions and writing at least 2-3 paragraphs for each set of questions. You must tie the materials from your text to your answers to the questions below:
a. What is your impression of the impact of gender on development? What differences did you note in the development of the three girls as compared to the one boy? (20 pts)
b. What does the film suggest about child-rearing practices? Describe the various child-rearing philosophies shown in the film. (20 pts)
c. What do all of the mothers have in common with one another? What do all of the mothers share in their relationships with their babies? Which parenting style did you find most appealing? Why? (20 pts)
d. What did you learn about the impact of culture on growth and development? What differences did you note in development between the three girls and the one boy that reflect the impact of culture? (20 pts)
e. What is your overall reaction to the film? How did the absence of dialogue, narration, and subtitles influence your response to the film? Did the silence distract or enhance your film-watching experience? (5 pts)
f. Were there moments in the film that stood out for you? Which ones? How did they make you feel? (5 pts)

3. Reference page and grammar/spelling
a. Include an APA style reference page which includes the video and your textbook. You must also cite the movie and textbook using APA style within the body of your paper (5 pts) No reference page means a 5-point deduction.
b. Your paper will be graded for grammatical and spelling accuracy (5 pts)

Total words: 600-800 words (show the word count at the end of the paper; 5 point deduction for no word count). The word count CANNOT include the set of questions! You may exceed this limit as long as you are not just reporting the content of the movie�more effort should be put focusing on a specific issue and addressing how your subject relates to it.

Citing the movie in APA format:
� If you describe a scene by saying: In the movie Babies (2010) �, the title is italicized and the year is in parentheses.
� If you describe a scene by saying The babies reflect a typical� (Babies, 2010) The title is italicized and both the title and year go in the parentheses before the period at the end of the sentence.
Citing the textbook in APA format:
� In Santock (2016, p. 213), issues surrounding infancy transitions are portrayed � Only the year of publication and the page number go in the parentheses. The page number included if the page number from the book from which the reference comes.
� Infancy transition issues include� (Santrock, 2016, p. 213). The author�s name, year of publication and page number all go in the parentheses before the period at the end of the sentence.

Basic APA reference format for a film:
� Producer Surname, First Initial. Second Initial. (Producer), & Director Surname, First
Initial. Second Initial. (Director). (Year). Title of movie [Format e.g. Motion picture
or DVD]. Country where movie was produced: Name of Studio.

Balm�s, T. (Producer & Director). (2010). Babies. [Motion picture and DVD]. France:
Thomas Balmes Studio.

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