*Music Paper**



I need help doing 4 listening journals for my music class.  See below.  There are 3 links attached that I need to write about and then choose another instrumental piece to write about.


Please let me know if you are able to complete.  There is no MUSIC in the drop down.


MIL Listening Journals

Each quarter, you will submit a listening journal which will contain your reactions and thoughts about 4 pieces of music. Each listening journal should be 2-3 paragraphs or one page in your notebook. Below are the 3 listening examples for each quarter. You must also choose a piece of music (preferably instrumental-no lyrics) as your fourth piece. Listening journals are due about a week before the conclusion of each quarter. WHAT DO I WRITE ABOUT? CHECK THIS OUT: **YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ONE “CHOICE” JOURNAL PER QUARTER.








Thank you


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