What do you consider to be some of the highlights in the history of U.S. hospitals?

Must have book “Health Care USA Seventh Edition to answer questions. Authors Harry A. Sulz and Kristina M. Young


Chpt 2 & 3        The first two questions must be 200 words


  1. The history of American hospitals is simply fascinating. Hospitals in our nation have come so far so fast, but unfortunately at astronomical cost. What do you consider to be some of the highlights in the history of U.S. hospitals? What are some of the key factors that have brought us to the hospital of today
  2. One of the most interesting and controversial pieces of legislation passed in recent years is Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act. Students of health care administration need a solid understanding of this legislation and its ramifications for American medicine. What are the key provisions of the Death with Dignity Act? Have any other states followed Oregon’s lead in this regard?




Go to http://ukhealthcare.uky.edu/home/, and search for “


Part 1: As you see, there is a major new trend in American medicine—an entire new professional physician group known as “hospitalists.” Currently the American public has a very poor understanding of what a hospitalist is and what role he or she performs in patient care. Describe the role of the hospitalist today, and discuss some trends in this new profession.


Part 2: Hospitalists are a rapidly growing new professional group in American medicine, and they are changing everything about how medicine is practiced in the inpatient setting. But is there any evidence to suggest that hospitalists are having a positive impact on hospital care? Report your findings.


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