What do you think has been the largest influence on your ideology and why?

Government class

The discussion board assignment for this week requires you to post an original response to the question below and also to post a response to a post from one of your classmates. In creating your original response, you will need to create a new thread to contain your response. When responding to one of your classmates, you can simply reply to their post when you read it.

Original Post:

To receive the full points possible on this assignment, you will need to do both of these parts by the due date at Noon.

After you have done the reading and reviewed the material contained in the external site for the week, respond on the discussion board to the following questions.

1) Where did you place on the ideology matrix?

2) Where you surprised by the results or did you place about where you thought that you would?

3) What do you think has been the largest influence on your ideology and why?

4) Do you have any criticisms of the IDEALog quiz?


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