What do you think you would want to say to McCandless if you were his father/mother?

Read the book “into the Wild” and Write a 4 page essay about the book

Organize and write an essay (750 words minimum, Times New Roman, 12pt font; double-spaced; APA formatting) in which you focus on the character of Chris McCandless and the themes of Krakauer’s book. Please feel free to use any of the ‘questions for reflections’ below to assist in structuring and developing your essay. Since you will be relying on your personal interpretation of the character and his decisions, you be expected to share and explain you honest opinion in a clear, well thought out manner. 

Another purpose of this essay is to provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your own wilderness experiences of as they may relate to the experiences of Chris McCandless. 

Be creative with it! 

Questions for Reference 

Why did Christ McCandless go “into the wild”? 

Based on your understanding of McCandless and his decision, What were his ideals? 

Would you consider Christ McCandless to be a rebel? If so, what was the rebelling against? Why? 

Why did McCandless reject his Parents’ lifestyle? 

In “Into the Wild,” why did McChandless make an effort to avoid emotional connections with others? 

Did you ever find yourself sympathizing with McCandless’ arguments/statements? If so, which one(s)? 

Did you ever feel pity for him? when & where? 

What do you think of McCandless decision to discard his identity and past life without a backward glance? 

What do you think you would want to say to McCandless if you were his father/mother? 

What realization(s) does Chris come at the end? What do you think lead him to these realization? 

Why did so many condemn McCandless and feel he caused his own death? 

Do you think McCandless learned any valuable lessons during his experiences/adventures? What were they? 

What, if any, were some meaningful lessons that you took away from his book? 

Have you ever experienced the desire to abandon what you are doing for the sake of what you have wanted to do? 


What truth did this account speak into your reality? 

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