What does the word constitute in paragraph 7 mean?



In this homework assignment, you will turn in a document that is one page in length and consists of a paragraph plan and the final draft of that completed paragraph. You may include your prewriting if you wish. Use word processing software, such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer, to complete the assignment. Remember to use proper APA format. Use the APA Format Guide,

Step 1

Use prewriting strategies to gather as many ideas as you can about:  Study habits



Once you choose the topic, create a paragraph plan. You may submit your prewriting if you wish. Start with the topic sentence and then add supporting ideas and details for each supporting idea. You can organize your paragraph plan using bullets or an outline format.


Step 2: As you create your plan, use only the best ideas from your prewriting and decide how you want to organize the paragraph. Will it be organized spatially, emphatically, or chronologically? Explain which choice you made and why.


Step 3: After you have created and organized your paragraph plan, create a final paragraph.


If you do not have enough supporting ideas or details, feel free to add more examples to make your topic sentence stronger before writing the paragraph; just be sure that you add those ideas to the plan and the paragraph.





Step 1: Read “It’s Class, Stupid!” by Richard Rodriguez on page 518 in your textbook. Be sure you continue to use APA formatting to cite your sources even in your short responses.


Step 2: Answer the following questions in complete sentences:


  1. What does the word constitute in paragraph 7 mean?


  1. According to the author, what prevents many poor people from attending college? Give at least three reasons.


  1. According to Rodriquez, who benefits the most from affirmative action?


Step 3: In a well-structured paragraph that is five to eight sentences in length, please respond to the following:


Has your economic, cultural, background ever been the source of a positive experience in the Army? How did the reading affect your thoughts about social inequality?


Note: You may submit the paragraph in the same file, but please use a separate page and ensure that you use APA format. Be sure that you have a Reference section that includes the textbook and specifically reference the reading by Richard Rodriguez.

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