What group coordinates the Department of Transportation responsibilities pertaining to pipeline safety and the transportation of hazardous materials?

Introduction to Fire Prevention




Question 1



Which of the following code development groups has had a major impact on construction practices?  Their codes are widely used and are replacing locally developed building codes to a great extent.


The National Volunteer Fire Council
International Code Council
Insurance Services Office, Inc.
FM Global Group


4 points


Question 2



Which of the following trade associations operates testing laboratories in Cleveland and in Los Angeles for the purpose of testing all types of gas appliances?


American Forest and Paper Association
National Association of Home Builders
Manufacturing Chemists Association
American Gas Association


4 points


Question 3



Under the provisions of the Federal Boating Act of 1958, Coast Guard boating safety teams are required to:


ensure that recreational boaters have had substantial marine-fire safety training.
maintain control over merchandise, including fireworks, imported from other countries.
inspect small boats to ensure compliance with required safety measures, including fire safety.
be the lead agency for all hazardous materials incidents in factories near large bodies of water.


4 points


Question 4



Which nonprofit group, established in 1993, is a national organization exclusively committed to preventing unintentional home injuries?


The Consumer Products Safety Commission
The Home Safety Council
The Fire Services Institute’s Home Accident Prevention Board
The President’s Commission on Home Injury and Accident Prevention


4 points


Question 5



Which of the following is the best reason that fire deaths should be investigated and autopsies performed?


It shows the public that their tax dollars are at work and the efficiency of the state employees.
It provides a level of comfort to the victim’s family members by giving them closure.
It provides good training for interns assigned to the medical examiner.
It might provide information on a cause of death other than fire, such as a homicide before the fire was set.


4 points


Question 6



In several states, which state agency has a statutory responsibility for conducting electrical inspections within the state or for seeing that such inspections are conducted properly? These electrical inspections are essential in any comprehensive fire prevention program.


Department of Labor and Industry
Public Utilities Commission
State Building Code Agency
State Fire Marshall


4 points


Question 7



What group coordinates the Department of Transportation responsibilities pertaining to pipeline safety and the transportation of hazardous materials?


The Research and Special Programs Administration
DOT HazMat branch
Federal Highway Administration
Department of Homeland Security


4 points


Question 8



What state Supreme Court faced a case involving a claim of noncompatibility alleged by a local fire chief because the fire hydrant threads used by a county water system were different to those in his jurisdiction? Did the chief win his case?


Rhode Island; No
Georgia; Yes
Ohio; No
Michigan; Yes


4 points


Question 9



_________ is a state agency that normally has fire prevention as a major responsibility.


The state fire marshal’s office
The fire prevention committee at the local level
The NFPA national office
The state health department


4 points


Question 10



What group was formed by the NFPA for identifying fire problem areas and developing solutions for those problems?


National Fire Protection Research Foundation
Engineering Services Division
Fire Incident Data Organization
Fire Investigations Department




Question 11



What are the major responsibilities of state fire marshals? Why is this role significant in statewide fire prevention, investigation, enforcement, and fire safety?




Question 12



Many professional associations have fire prevention and protection as one of their main operations. Why is the National Fire Protection Association often recognized as a leading professional organization?



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