What happens to the body when it is dehydrated?


question 1. Why is hydration so important to our survival?

question 2. How does water regulate our body temperature?

question 3. Electrolytes support many body functions. In general, what roles do electrolytes perform in the body? How do our bodies maintain fluid balance including how we gain and lose fluids?

question 4. What happens to the body when it is dehydrated?

question 5. Wwhy is it that alcohol has that dehydrating effect or in other words what might the mechanism be that makes that happen?

question 6. In many parts of the country in the summer we may see triple digit temperatures. What is heat stroke and heat exhaustion? As we continue to analyze heat stroke, prepare three tips you would give a young athlete, adult and/or senior on the importance of hydration and prevention of heat stroke.




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