What health risk do you expect to tackle by implementing this intervention?

Tutor beth: Phase 6: Implementation of the Care Plan

Due 1/28/16

Phase 6: Implementation of the Care Plan

To implement your care plan begin small—say, one or two families, or a small group of 5–10 people.

The first step to effective implementation is planning. As you go about this task, answer the following questions:

  • What small group have you selected (for example, three families with young children, a group of five AIDS patients, and so on)? What made you select this particular group?
  • What portion of the plan would you like to implement in the small group?
  • What health risk do you expect to tackle by implementing this intervention?
  • What results do you expect?
  • How do you plan to implement this intervention? Do you have any specific strategy in mind? What resources will you need?
  • How long do you think it will take for the results to be seen?

Prepare a 1-page Microsoft Word document with your responses to the questions above and submit it.


Discuss what resources you need. Put your plan into action.

  • Mobilize the resources you need, talk to the small group, recruit volunteers, etc.
  • When your resources are in place, put your plan into action.


Assignment  Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Described the small group and provided a rationale for the selection. 4
Identified the section of the plan that will be implemented in the small group. 2
Described the health risk that can be tackled by implementing the selected intervention. 2
Described expected results. 2
Described how the intervention might be implemented in practice, including specific strategies, and listing resources needed. 2
Estimated the time needed for results to be seen. 2
Participated in proposed implementation discussion. 2
Written components. 4
Total: 20


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