What if a programmer wanted to add a new command?

Explain these Programs to me

Prepare formal documentation of the code:

Must be at minimum 2 pages and explain the code of these 2 programs.


This guide will explain the design and structure of the program itself. Describe how it works on an internal level. This is a guide a programmer might use, so you want to consider the use cases that relate to a programmer. What if a programmer wanted to add a new command? How about a new program operation? etc.. The information contained within should give a programmer a good idea of which parts of the program provide specific functionality, and how that functionality is implemented. You don’t want to go down to the level of describing the code itself in words, but you do want to describe any important algorithms in detail, and at least generalize how things work. The overall guidance here is to leave out details about how to run or use the program, and just talk about how the program actually does its job.


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