What is the command that you would use to compile the code and create the executable “power2”?

UNIX systems programming and Perl

Add to your Perl script the ability to kill a user’s processes. The requirements for this task include the following:

  • Add this option to the menu.
  • Add the code/process into a subroutine.
  • Use an array to store the list of processes that need to be reviewed and killed.
  • Process the kill using the array.

Next, you have been asked by different users to explain how to compile a program in a UNIX environment.

Finally, take the following C program (save it as “power2.c”), and create it as a file in your UNIX environment:

/* power2.c — Print out powers of 2: 1, 2, 4, 8, .. up to 2^N */

#include <stdio.h> <stdio.h>

#define N 16

int main(void) {

int n; /* The current exponent */

int val = 1; /* The current power of 2 */

printf(“/t n /t 2^n/n”);


for (n=0; n<=N; n++) {

printf(“/t%3d /t %6d/n”, n, val);

val = 2*val;


return 0;


/* It prints out :

n 2^n


0 1

1 2

2 4

3 8

4 16

5 32

6 64

7 128

8 256

9 512

10 1024

11 2048

12 4096

13 8196

14 16384

15 32768

16 65536


Describe the behavior when you compile the program, with no options. What is the command that you would use to compile the code and create the executable “power2”?

Finally, compare and contrast the usage of a compiled and interpreted program.


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