What is the company’s beta and what does that mean in relation to the rest of the market?

Course Name: Managerial Finance PowerPoint Presentation The PowerPoint Presentation will summarize the financial analysis of a company Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) -NasdaqGS. The slides need to briefly address the questions listed in the key categories below. The PowerPoint must contain a minimum of 20 slides and be accompanied by notes for the slides. A separate rubric will be provided for the evaluation of the PowerPoint. Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) -NasdaqGS Use yahoo finance for research – http://finance.yahoo.com/q?uhb=uh3_finance_vert_gs_ctrl2&fr=&type=2button&s=GOOGL%2C Company history, Economy and Competition 1. What is the recent history of the company? 2. How has the current state of the economy affected the performance of the company? 3. What is the nature of the industry and the major competitors? Debt Structure 1. What is the debt structure of the company? 2. Is the amount of debt in line with industry averages? 3. What is the debt ratio, debt to equity ratio, and the times interest earned ratio? 4. What is your analysis of the above debt ratios? 5. How does the level of debt affect your opinion of the company? Raising Capital with Equity 1. When was the last time the company issued new shares of stock? 2. Can you tell what it did with the proceeds of the stock issue? 3. Has it purchased any shares back for Treasury Stock, and if so, what price did it pay? Beta 1. What is the company’s beta and what does that mean in relation to the rest of the market? 2. What is the estimated Weighted Average Cost of Capital for this company? 3. Has the company made economic profits or losses in the past two years? 4. What were the driving projects or strategies that caused the profits or losses? Dividend Policy 1. What is the company’s dividend policy? 2. When did it last pay a dividend, what was the dividend and price per share of stock? 3. What was the dividend payout ratio? 4. Do you feel it is using its cash wisely as far as dividend policy goes? Stock Price 1. What is the Stock Ticker symbol, current market price, ROI, ROE, PE ratio? 2. How has this company down with the above ratios for the past two years? 3. How much has the stock priced moved since you have been tracking it? 4. Have any major events had a major impact on the company’s stock performance? 5. What is the latest consensus by analysts whether to buy, hold, or sell the stock? 6. What is driving the analyst’s opinions and do you agree or disagree with them.

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