What is the date of creation of this image?

Robert Rauschenberg Research

Assignment Step-by-Step Instructions

Part 1: Research Paper

  1. Research the photographer from your set listed under Week 4 – Robert Rauschenberg. Look up the photographer in your textbook, check for references in the Week 4 lectures, conduct thorough Internet searches, or visit your local library.
  2. Make notes in your own words while researching. Keep track of quotations and sources so that you can reference the information later.
  3. Create an outline for your research paper and then fill out the details. Compose a written paper that discusses all the following topics:
    1. A brief biography of the photographer, including his or her birth and death dates, nationality, and occupation and places where the photographer’s works were published
    2. A discussion of the works, photographic styles, and approaches of the photographer
    3. At least one visual example from photography, painting, or another medium that was an influence on this photographer, as well as your interpretation of how the photographer was influenced by this artist or artwork
    4. A discussion identifying the social, political, economic, or cultural influences of the works as related to the time period
    5. A description of how the photographer’s works differ from his or her peers’ in style or approach and where he or she exemplifies the fine art photography aesthetic
  4. Locate three examples of images by your photographer. Embed copies of the images in your paper and cite the source. Critique all three images using the describe, interpret, and evaluate method.
  5. Conduct an Internet search for recent examples (within the last two years) of fine art photography. Find at least one contemporary artist who cites your photographer as an innovator or an influence. Make connections between the two photographers by discussing the similarities and differences in their works. Embed at least one image by the recent photographer and cite the source.
  6. Add a works-cited page to your Microsoft Word document that lists all the sources you used in your research. Follow MLA conventions.
  7. Save your paper, which should be a minimum of 750 words,

Part 2: Creative Brief

  1. Review the four photographers you’ve studied already in the final project and look ahead at the last two weeks. Select one photographer whose works inspire you and pick one image he or she created. By Week 5, you will present your own photograph inspired by this master photographer.
  2. Once you’ve selected the image you will re-create, open a new Microsoft Word document and embed a copy of the master work.
  3. Research the image in more depth, and in a narrative paper, which should be a minimum of 300 words, discuss the following in your creative brief:
    1. What is the date of creation of this image?
    2. How was the image made? Discuss the specific process in depth and the equipment required, as well as how innovative the process was at the time. How difficult was it for the photographer to acquire the materials and equipment needed for this image?
    3. How long was the exposure? How did this impact the look of the image?
    4. Critique the image, focusing specifically on:
      1. Subject matter
      2. Stylistic choices
      3. Lighting
      4. Background
      5. Message or intent
    5. Compose a plan to re-create the image. Discuss how you plan to:
      1. Scout a similar location.
      2. Cast for subjects with similar physical appearances.
      3. Locate similar costumes, props, and accessories.
      4. Light the scene or choose an appropriate time of day and appropriate weather to re-create the natural lighting.
      5. Use analog methods or digital postprocessing to mimic the look of the historical process, borders of the photograph, etc. Remember, you may use film or digital media, scanner or recombined artwork, Adobe Lightroom presets, Adobe Photoshop filters, and even Instagram to create your final piece


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