What makes this culture the most important in terms of art?

Which ancient culture do you think was the most important to Western civilization? What artform seems to be the most relevant to your understanding of art and aesthetics today?

Step 1–Research whichever of the ancient cultures you believe to be most important to Western civilization. Use the following information to research the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece, or Rome. Find a specific example in the textbook or web resources to support your answer.

Step 2–Answer the following questions about the culture.

  1. What makes this culture the most important in terms of art?
  2. What specific example of art helps support your answer?

Step 3–Meet with the group of learners in class who chose the same culture. (Parker will help make this happen)

Step 4–Compare your answers with other learners’ answers in the same group. What did their answer help you understand about or better support your answers?


Ancient Egypt


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