What new information or perspective was discussed that aids in your groups understanding?

Write a case analysis with PowerPoint presentation

Please, read this Instructor very carefully


I want to write a case analysis about an article ( in attachment). And put it in PowerPoint presentation.


FRIST : The case analysis must be in 2 pages with APA format, double space, 12 size . with good references.

The case analysis  should  consider the questions below. You might want to approach this from a methodological perspective. for example.

What was the article about?

What new information or perspective was discussed that aids in your groups understanding?

How does this article benefit the class?

Do you agree with the authors?

What is the key take away points found in the discussion section of the article?

What are the implications for future analysis and research?

Does the article point to relevant managerial concepts that are being applied in a practical manner?

Can you identify best practices based on the article?



We are most interested to learn what you discovered in your exploration of the literature, and how it will deepen our understanding of the subject matter.


It must be original work, plagiarism work will not be accepted.



SECOND : The PowerPoint should flow the guidelines  ( in attachment). And it will be from the same case analysis we wrote.



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