What or whom comprises its key audience?


Please read the instructions carefully and follow all instructions.

Diversity Experience

Diversity encompasses a wide variety of experiences and differences, and our perspectives on diversity are often framed and informed by our culture, life experience, profession, and workplace.


In a well-written paper, compare and contrast four definitions of diversity. One will be from the U.S.-based Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM); the second will be from an international scholarly or business publication; the third will be from an international non-profit organization; and the fourth must be from a corporation or business located where you live (Miami or USA).

Address the following in your paper:

  1. Describe the definitions of diversity that you are comparing and contrasting and the sources of each.
  2. Describe the SHRM and publication’s definitions. (Remember to describe the international scholarly or business publication you are using for a definition. What or whom comprises its key audience?)
  3. Compare and contrast your definition of diversity with that of your chosen publication and that from SHRM. Be specific and evaluate each definition on its global inclusivity.
  4. How do these definitions line up with your own diversity awareness or definition? Describe how your life experience—including your country of origin, culture, gender, race, and other factors—informs your diversity awareness. Provide specific examples of diversity-related situations you have encountered. Evaluate which categories of diversity you are most familiar with, and those with which you have the least experience.

Paper Requirements

  • For this assignment, you may want to refer to the handout Writing an Effective Essay. You may also want to view the sample paper, Does Your Paper Look like This?
  • Your paper should be 4 pages in length, not including the required title or reference pages. Be sure your paper is formatted according to the  APA Requirements.


12 font double space



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