What role does culture play with a weak or negative culture with respect to a competitive advantage?

a) Visit the online library to identify and cite an additional definition of organizational culture and compare it to the definition offered in textbook.


b) Do either of these two definitions help explain why some organizations have a ‘strong positive’ organizational culture, that enhances a firm’s competitive advantage? Explain why?


c) What role does culture play with a weak or negative culture with respect to a competitive advantage?


2) Review the strategic management concept of ‘control mechanisms’ to explain how powerful cultures impact employee behavior, and discuss the effect this type of culture has on these same mechanisms.


3) In Chapter Ten, the authors argue that the type of diversification strategy a firm follows has important implications for the type of reward and evaluation system it should use. Review these strategic management principles, then, reflect on your personal strategic leadership style to predict which diversification strategy are you most likely to succeed. Explain your response.


4) What is a double loop learning organization? From a strategic management perspective, how does this concept influence an effective organizational design? How does this concept tie-in with the views presented in our textbook, that there is ‘no one best way’ to design an organization’s strategic reward and evaluation system?

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