What separates a person who has a psychological disorder from one who doesn’t?

The case of Emily Fox Gordon tells us a lot about psychological disorders. They can strike anyone, they can lead to dangerous or frightening situations, they can lead people to feel isolated and alone, but in some instances they can be overcome. Some of Emily’s behaviors, such as attempting suicide or attacking a classmate, clearly reflect a disturbed mind. Other behaviors, such as going into a rage or being promiscuous, are maladaptive but they don’t necessarily reflect a psychological disorder.

What separates a person who has a psychological disorder from one who doesn’t? Do you think a clear distinction can be made, why or why not?

I will attach a word document read and respond to the questions above.

This is an example of what it should look like:

A person with a psychological disorder is generally lonely, antisocial, misbehaved, defiant, not happy with self and disturbed. On the contrary, a person with a sound mental/physical health always remains happy with a positive attitude towards life, likes to be around friends and knows how to cope with stresses of life. Like any other disease, people with a psychological disorder need “Therapy” to battle with problems of day to day living. Their undesirable activities influence their health for the worse. Their personality and lifestyle have negative impact on their behavior. They show symptoms of depression, anxiety or become alcoholic. Therapy is certainly the answer for healing these disturbed minds and emotional outbreaks.

Well, occasional outbursts or a temporary change in behavioral/emotional attitude is common among everyone. These can be triumphed over easily. But if it continues for a longer period which harms self or others leading to perilous situations, then it definitely can be categorized into a disorder requiring Therapy. Therapy helps improve personal routines, feelings and actions which are challenging and enables to make lifestyle changes to augment personal well being. Therapists, with their affection and understanding, create the “Will” in such people to believe in themselves. They help them recover by discovering themselves and leading a positive, healthy life. Knowing yourself and the good/bad habits of those around you can help you bear the tough times.

Biological, psychological and social factors play a very important role in our behavior. Therefore, according to me, clear symptoms are seen in a person with a psychological disorder which distinguishes him/her from the one who doesn’t.

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