What specific issues related to Thomas Jefferson are addressed in Steed man’s article?

American Literature 1 page paper (2)

In Unit III, you have been reading about how American thinkers moved away from Puritan beliefs and embraced new scientific theories, applying them to new ways of thinking about their fellow human beings, including relationships between humans and the earth, God, and each other.


Now, you are asked to critique a 2012 book review by Marek Steed man, written about Jefferson, Lincoln, and Wilson: The American Dilemma of Race and Democracy (2010).

Steed man’s review discusses how the book reexamines the foundation tension in American politics between racial issues and the democratic government our founding fathers sought to establish.

For this assignment, you are to write a brief article critique of Steedman’s book review. Your critique must include the following information and answer the following questions:

Briefly introduce and summarize Steedman’s book review

Identify Steedman’s main points about the book

Who is Steedman’s intended audience for the book review?

What specific issues related to Thomas Jefferson are addressed in Steed man’s article?

Discuss how Steedman’s book review relates to what you have learned about Thomas Jefferson and the legacy of race and slavery and related controversial issues still relevant today

Use a minimum of three of this unit’s key words in your critique

Your article critique must be a minimum of one page in length. Format your paper and cite your sources using correct APA formatting.

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