What Supreme Court case established guidelines for the right of entry to investigate cause and origin and to gather evidence should the fire be determined as incendiary?

Introduction to Fire Prevention




Question 1


  1. According to World Fire Statistics compiled in 2003, which of the following countries had more fire deaths per 100,00 persons than the United States?


New Zealand


4 points


Question 2


  1. What state requires each of its eighty-two counties to have at least one deputy sheriff trained in arson detection and investigation?


North Carolina


4 points


Question 3


  1. Which of the following countries are recognized in the International Concepts of Fire Protection: New Ideas From Europe as having excellent fire safety education programs?


United Kingdom and Germany
Hungary and Austria
Austria and The Netherlands
Hungary and United Kingdom


4 points


Question 4


  1. A fire set accidentally:


is not chargeable under the model arson law.
is considered fourth-degree arson.
can carry a penalty of between 1 to 10 years.
can carry a sentence of up to 20 years.


4 points


Question 5


  1. One of the major differences in philosophy of fire code applications between the United States and other countries is:


other countries’ codes are much more strict and enforced more often.
the United States’ codes vary from one jurisdiction to another.
most countries do not stress code enforcement and rely on local code enforcement.
the United States emphasizes strong national code standards and leaves the implementation to local communities.


4 points


Question 6


  1. An interview study of Prince George’s County, Maryland of both juveniles and adults arrested or incarcerated revealed that _________ was not a motive that was most often given for arson and fire-related crimes.


crime concealment
spontaneous action


4 points


Question 7


  1. According to Uniform Crime Reports, which geographical region of the United States cleared the most arson-related incidents in 2002?




4 points


Question 8


  1. One of the major problems in investigations involving a joint fire-police team concept is:


it is difficult to share the responsibility in the investigation.
work schedules are often not the same, making it difficult for the team to operate together.
police tend to consider themselves more skilled in investigation.
fire department personnel believe their training supercedes that of law enforcement.


4 points


Question 9


  1. The model arson law, developed by the International Fire Marshals Association, defines how many degrees of arson with corresponding penalties?




4 points


Question 10


  1. What Supreme Court case established guidelines for the right of entry to investigate cause and origin and to gather evidence should the fire be determined as incendiary?


Michigan vs Tyler
Michigan vs Clifford
State of South Dakota vs Jorgensen
Camera vs County of San Francisco




Question 11


  1. The text highlights four “Variables That Affect Statistics” (fire statistics) from country to country. Discuss and explain these statistics?Question 12


  1. In Philip Schaenman’s report, International Concepts in Fire Protection: Ideas from Europe that Could Improve U.S. Fire Safety, suggests that some European fire safety procedures are worthy of emulation in the U.S. and Canada. Please provide and discuss four of those suggestionsQuestion 13Please include any ” Arson Control Needs” listed in your text or through your additional research that may benefit your organization/community
  3. The Crime of Arson can affect us all! As the new Safety and Fire Prevention Officer in your organization what plan of action are you going to take to limit the effects of arson?

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