What the measures the company took towards improving its CSR?

All case studies are due by 8.00pm on January 10, 2016.


Case Study – Climate Exchange

Please read Case Study 5 : Chicago Climate Exchange from Ref: 01and discuss the following questions:

1) What are the pros and cons of having such an exchange?

2) Is there such an exchange in California? If not, do you think there is virtue in setting up such an exchange? Explain


Case Study – Supply Chain Wastes


Please read Case Study 3 – Green Reverse Supply Chain Waste and Kodak and discuss the following:

1) What the measures the company took towards improving its CSR?

2) Suggest further improvements that you think can be made based on the information given



Case Study – Retail Sector



Please read Case Study 6: Green Grocery Store in Retail Sector from Ref:01. Identify the key changes they have made with regards to sustainability and discuss how this helps with the overall sustainable development.


Case Study – Reverse Logistics



Please read Case Study 4 – Green Packaging and Reverse Logistics from Ref:01 and discuss the following:

1) What are the efforts taken by the company to improve their sustainability quotient?

2) How do the efforts benefit the customers, community and company?


Sustainability Principles HW


Explore the various options available in today’s market to recycle/reuse/remanufacture mobile phones

Clearly cite your sources. You should have atleast 3 sources.

HW 2-

Supply Chain Management


Explore companies that have implemented vertical disintegration by focusing on their core competencies. Provide concrete examples and an explanation about it.

Please cite your sources. You should have atleast 3 sources.



Lean Principles


Investigate how lean principles have been applied to agriculture.

Identify atleast 5 different sources and cite them appropriately. Wikipedia, Britannica etc do not count as sources.




Life Cycle Management


Investigate the life cycle of a computer displays/monitors. Provide a detailed analysis from the raw material stage to the end of life stage.

You should have atleast 3 references appropriately cited.



HW5- Green Engineering



Go to the bundle below


Summarize the articles in your OWN words. Focus on what you learn from reading these articles and how it can be applied.


HW6- Sustainable Supply Chain Procurement



Please go through the resources available in the following bundle


Summarize your thoughts on this issue using the following prompts:

1)Who is responsible – parent organization or suppliers – for such instances?

2) How can effective supply chain management help prevent such incidents?



HW7- Sustainable Supply Chain Packaging https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxqBX-4Ut5Q


Investigate Amazon.com’s frustration-free packaging initiative and discuss its impact on sustainability.


HW8- Sustainable Supply Chain Marketing


Find atleast 3 examples of companies engaging in green marketing and examine them using the following prompts:

  1. What elements of green marketing do these companies use?
  2. Which type of customers are they targeting?

Please cite your sources in the appropriate format.


HW9- Sustainable Supply Chain Logistics




Please respond to the following questions:

1) Investigate the Federal and State (California)  tax incentives provided for the use of cleaner vehicles – CNG, Hydrogen, Hybrid, etc.

2) Compare the fuel efficiencies between gasoline, diesel, Hydrogen, CNG and Electric vehicles.

Clearly cite your sources for your responses.


Carbon Management


1) Please go to the website, http://www.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx and compute your carbon footprint using the household calculator.

2) Repeat the exercise using the household calculate at http://www.nature.org/greenliving/carboncalculator/.

Analyze your footprint distribution and come up with ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Also, analyze if there were any differences between the two calculators.

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