What things about this ethics statement appeal to me?

Personal ethics statement

Below I will give details about my assignment. we need to write on our own words. I am not working any where. So, we need to consider a ethics statement of particular company.


Think about what your corporation/organization’s ethics statement is. Based on this week’s content, write a 1-2 page paper on which you reflect on the following questions in regard to the company’s ethics statement:

  • What things about this ethics statement appeal to me?
  • What do I disagree with and why?

If you are not currently working, or your company does not have an ethics statement, find an ethics statement for another company, and answer the questions based on that company’s statement. Save your work as a .doc file and submit here to the Week 2 Personalized Ethics Statement Dropbox.

*What is a personal ethics statement? Much like your employer has listed a “code” to be followed in the workplace your personal statement should be a forward looking code of conduct for yourself. Questions to examine in your statement would be: 1) What philosophical or ethical framework do you most closely relate to personally? 2)What standards and principles do you hold yourself to? 3) What issues of an ethical nature do you face in your workplace and how will you deal with them? Write this in essay format – recall that this is to be a formal paper and list any References (if necessary).

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