What various types of power moves were used by either party to claim value in the negotiation?

See description and attachment.

Individual project #2. Read Skating on Thin Ice case in the learning materials section of the class portal and answer and give specific examples of key negotiation topics to the following questions:

  1. What were the barriers to negotiation?
  2. Which barrier do you think is the most critical? Which one is the most important to confront?
  3. What actions by all parties during the negotiation were power moves or attempts to out-muscle one another? In other words, what various types of power moves were used by either party to claim value in the negotiation?
  4. What role did trust play in the negotiations?
  5. Identify the seven power moves during the negotiation.
  6. Where do you think the ZOPA lies?
  • <ol>< li>Understand the contract negotiation process map.</li>< li>Explain the business ethics factors associated with contract negotiations.</li>< li>Demonstrate contract negotiation tasks, techniques, and strategies.</li>< li>Prepare a contract negotiation plan.</li>< /ol>

All word documents will contain a standard CTU title page. Standard APA format is See CTU library web site and this course content section on the student portal for an example title page and APA guidance. The length of the individual project paper will be 400-600 words not counting the title and references pages. A reference page may be required based on the task. Unless otherwise specified, all individual projects will be delivered via upload under the specific assignment/task to the student portal. The IP paper will have a minimum of t

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