what you think his view of Russia and its future is?

hw rus

Attached is Jeff’s grading rubric of your final paper for the course. It appears that the major issue was analysis of primary/secondary sources. While I cannot increase the paper’s grade based on its current state, I can offer you an opportunity to enhance the paper and possibly receive more points on it.
To address this element where you received points off, please take these two speeches made by Vladimir Putin (links below) and analyze them looking for
1) what you think his view of Russia and its future is
2) what his view of other powers/the rest of the world is and
3) parts of the speech which you think show Putin acting similarly to Ivan IV and parts where he is perhaps acting differently.
I imagine that this would take up roughly 2 pages double-spaced. If you want to do this, please let me know and we can set a due date for this.
PLEASE NOTE that simply completing this would not necessarily mean an increase in your final grade — it depends on the quality of the work and how many corresponding points you receive

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