When and Where did the concert take.

Music Concert Report

simulate you went to a Music concert and write a 3 pages concert report. You need to describe the

music performed so you need to listen music online.


Suggested Outline:

1. INTRODUCTION: Introduce the event: Who played? What was played? When and Where did the concert take

place? Add any detail you think is relevant to your overall experience.

2. BODY: Write a description of all the pieces/movements performed at the concert. You need to describe all the

music performed, but you can choose to focus in more detail on the pieces that interested you most, always

supporting your argument with specific examples. You may also include particular images or feelings the

music conveyed, and explain how the composer achieved such effect.

3. CONCLUSION: In conclusion, address the impact the concert had on you (overall experience, favorite

pieces/movement). Again, be as specific as you can, avoiding vague statements not supported with an example

from the concert.


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