Which elements or characteristics of the song don’t seem to fit the genre?

Genre of lyrics “who shot ya” by Notorious B.I.G.:
What is the songs listed musical genre? (Under what category was it marketed?)
What are the characteristics of the song qualify it for this genre?
What characteristics or element of the song make it that genre most strongly?
Of those characteristics, which one is the strongest or dominant?
Which elements or characteristics of the song don’t seem to fit the genre?
Which elements of the song seem common to several or many musical genres?
What other genres does the song fit into?
Before class on Monday, write a focused, clear, and well edited paragraph of no more than 300 words explaining how the song you chose fits its genre. Have this paragraph printed out and also available electronically at the beginning of class.
–Have at least 6high-quality articles relevant to your song and its genre. Quality and relevancy are the key considerations. Your focus for research will be that one strongest or dominant element that makes the song fit the genre.

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