Which of the 3 roles identified above do you feel would be most valuable within the healthcare community?

Health Information Managment Paper

Today we see the transition from the paper-based health record to the electronic health record. This historic transition has brought many new career opportunities for Health Information Management (HIM) professionals. Understanding the various elements that build the foundation for the electronic health record is key knowledge as we move towards electronic health information systems.


Create a report about electronic health information systems. Be sure to address the following:




Part-1: Discuss the roles of HIM professionals in electronic health information systems


  1. Identify 3 roles available to HIM professionals in electronic health information systems. List the roles and provide a brief description of each.
  2. Which of the 3 roles identified above do you feel would be most valuable within the healthcare community? Explain your reasoning.


Part-2: Examine the elements of an Electronic Health Record (EHR)


  1. Describe the difference between primary and secondary information sources.
  2. Define data, character, field, record, file, and information. Give examples of each.
  3. Examine the screenshot below of an EHR registration screen. Analyze the parts of the screen and give 3 examples from the screenshot of each of the following: data, a character, and a field. (For example: Show that the Patient Name area is a field.) You can do this as a list, a table, or graphically right on the screenshot (if you know how to do that!). You can be creative with this, and make it easier for someone new to understand the terminology.



Your report should:


  • be 2 pages in length.
  • properly cite research sources.

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