Which parts of the lesson do you think were most valuable for the student?

All projects should be typed (double-spaced) and proofread diligently to eliminate any errors. The length of each will vary depending upon the needs of the student and complexity of the lessons, but reading projects are likely to range from 6-10 pages, excluding attachments. You might find it useful to exchange drafts with a classmate for proofreading and clarity. OPTION 1: The Acquisition Phase Select a student who is experiencing difficulty learning to read in Grade 1, 2, or 3, and provide a 2-3-sentence description of that student including reading grade level and areas where he/she is struggling. Design 2 consecutive lessons for this student, including parts a, b, and c described below. Use the model lessons from class sessions as a framework for essential lesson components (i.e., the 5-part lesson to include PA (if necessary), phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and writing). For each lesson, describe: The reading goal and two short-term objectives Use appropriate IEP language for these statements, and then tell how each objective contributes to the long-term outcomes for this student. Be sure your lesson focuses on at least one of the IEP short-term objectives. The material the student will read Tell why you selected this reading material and how it interfaces with the IEP objective(s). Attach a copy of the first few pages of the text, or the most pertinent portions of text material used for each lesson. What you will do to teach the student new skills or processes, what the student will do, and how you will handle errors and student difficulties or misunderstandings. Give approximate time allocations to each lesson component (You may write time allocations in the left margin when you rehearse and teach the lesson). Tell how you will provide sufficient practice for the student to achieve the relevant objectives. Teach these lessons to the student. Describe the parts of the lesson that went well or poorly, and how you would repair or improve lesson components. Which parts of the lesson do you think were most valuable for the student? Describe the student’s progress on the IEP objective that stimulated the lessons. OPTION 2: Improving Reading Quality Select a student with a high incidence disability who is attending upper elementary, middle school, or high school from your observation experience, tutoring, student-teaching site or teaching site. In one paragraph, describe what this student can read and has difficulty reading, based upon your observation and informal assessment (e.g., You will probably need to conduct a CBA). Design 2 consecutive 40-50 minute lessons for this student, following requirements 1, 2, and 3 from Reading Project Option 1 above. Use the lesson guidelines from class to organize the instructional features (i.e., word study, vocabulary development, reading fluency, comprehension, and writing).

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