Why does Tecumseh say the Native Americans must unite for war?

three questions

Part A (minimum of 150 words)

Question 1: Why does Tecumseh say the Native Americans must unite for war?


How does Tecumseh use both praise and insults to encourage the southern tribes into action?  How does race figure into his argument?





Part B (minimum of 150 words for EACH QUESTION)


Question 1: What was the central problem with the British prior to the War of 1812?  What were the three economic sanctions issued by the United States in response to the problems with England? Define what each did and explain why they did or did not work.


Question 2: What were the various Native American philosophies on how they should approach American incursion onto their land?  What events led to the outbreak of hostilities?



Question 3: What were the most significant battles of the War of 1812?  Be sure to discuss at least one battle from each of the three theaters (Great Lakes, South, and Chesapeake).


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