.Why is it hard for Riley to tell her parents what she is really feeling?

Please watch the kids movie “Inside out” to write this paper. You can find it online in many websites its totally free. These are my teachers instructions:

Reflection Paper #2: drawn from the movie, “Inside Out”

1. Riley’s parents ask her to be their “happy girl” when they notice their daughter struggling. Do you feel it was appropriate for them to ask her to do this?
2. Riley was able to easily access some of her emotions. Which ones were those? What other emotions might Riley be hiding under her easily engaged emotions?
3.Why is it hard for Riley to tell her parents what she is really feeling?
4. What does it mean to have “mixed emotions” about something?
5. How do all of our emotions relate to each other? Is it possible to have joy without sadness? Why is it important to feel the full range of emotions?
6. Explain how temperament, gender and culture might impede the expression of some of the more difficult emotions.

Be careful. Answer each of these questions, but you do not need to necessarily answer them in the same order as asked. Be creative and weave your answers into a coherent reflection essay that uses references from the movie and reflects the meaning framed by this set of questions. Please do not number the questions and answer them like an essay test. The goal is to write a 2-3 page reflection paper, and the only reference you may need is the movie. If you do research on your own concerning any of these emotions or the movie, be sure to cite your sources.

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